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Carnival Monday

Sylvia Gonzalez, 1976, 1978

Peter and Carol went to town with their Mommy on Carnival Monday to see the bands. They went up by the Savannah where all the bands passed.

Peter and Carol were very excited. They shouted and jumped up and down whenever they saw a band. They danced about the pavement to the beat of the steelband.

Peter and Carol saw many bands. They saw bands of sailors in white clothes. Some were smoking pipes. Others threw talcum powder on people. They danced some funny steps to the beat of the music. Mommy told them that was the King Sailor dance.

They saw many Indian bands. These Indians were dressed beautiful colours, with beads sewn on their clothes. They wore bracelets around their wrists and necklaces around their necks. They had big colourful feathers in their headpieces. They made loud war-cries, "Oooo-oo-oo!" and they jumped very high, waving wooden tomahawks and spears in the air.

Peter and Carol were afraid of these Indian warriors and were glad when they moved on.

Soon they saw a band of bats moving slowly up the road, not dancing, but flapping their wings as they moved. There were white bats, brown bats and black bats. Peter and Carol loved the small bats best. These small bats were little boys and girls.

Later Peter and Carol saw a band of devils beating biscuit tins, shaking their bobbing tails and putting their long greasy pointed fingernails in front of every body's faces. These devils asked for money.

Pay the devil! Jab! Jab!
Pay the devil! Jab! Jab!

These devils were painted either black,blue or red. Their tongues were red and they had white rings around their eyes. They also had large cow horns on their heads.

Peter and Carol were so afraid when the devils came up to them that they screamed and held on to their Mommy's hands very tightly. Their mother gave the devils some money to move away.

After that, many other lovely bands passed and Peter and Carol soon began to dance around and shout happily again.

Much later that evening, when Carol and Peter were getting ready for bed, they talked about the bands they had seen. They hoped that their mother would take them to town the next day, Carnival Tuesday.