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Gypsy and the Thief

Gypsy was a little dog who loved to bark at everyone. At night-time when everyone was asleep, he would run around the yard making a loud noise with his barking.

"Bow-ow! Bow-wow!" he would bark many times. And no one where he lived could sleep peacefully.

Gypsy lived on a farm where there were other animals. When he barked at night they all shouted at him to be quiet.

The cat mewed, "Meow! Meow!"

The ducks quacked, "Quack! Quack!"

" The hens cackled, "Cluck, cluck!" The cocks crowed, ôKo-kee-o-ko! Ko-kee-o-ko!"

The pigs grunted, "Oink! Oink!"

And the donkey brayed, "Hee-haw! Hee-haw!"

They were all angry with Gypsy for keeping them from sleeping.

Gypsy tried to bark softly, "Bow, wow, wowow." It was very hard for him to do so. After a while he would bark loudly, "Bow-Wow! Bow-Wow!"

In the day-time he was very sad for the other animals refused to talk to him. Still he continued to bark every time a person or a motor-car passed near his gate.

One night he heard one of the hens clucking in a frightened manner, "cluck! Cluck! cluck! He went to see what was wrong as he knew that hens did not like to cackle at night.

Suddenly Gypsy saw a man bending over the nest. The man was trying to lift the hen out. He was a thief. Gypsy rushed towards him. He began to bark loudly, Bow-Wow! Bow-Wow!" He held on to the man's leg with his teeth, and bit him as hard as he could.

The man began to bawl, but Gypsy wouldn't let go. Soon everyone was awakened by the man shouting."My leg! My leg! Let go, dog!"

Gypsy's master came outside in his pajamas and held the thief.

The next day all the animals talked to Gypsy. They were very glad that he had stopped the thief from stealing the hen.

Gypsy barked louder than ever that day. And in the night too.