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I lost a cyberfriend yesterday...

Though he was old, and must have had degenerative diseases, he was so vibrant and was organizing poetry at the world level on the web (he even gave me my credits for my small contribution) that he had taken his contribution to a new level, poised to take off to new heights into the next century.

I was shocked out of my boots to read an invitation to celebrate his life at an online reading last night. I tried to and ended up lurking on the site, watching others commiserate and "read" some of his poems.

I'm not usually shocked by the aged dying, but this cyberfriendship can be very close indeed. I observed the way he was preparing workshops and competitions , publishing, publicity and readings, though I'm sure he knew that the end was nigh.

His work can be found at World Poetry and Arts Foundation. He called himself Bama Jack the Hobo poet, but more formally was Dr. Roy E. Williams. May he be happy organizing and creating on the other side.