Snippets and Samplings

You invoke the ECK for yourself. It's within you and has been helping you in every thing. Make a quiet time of 5 -15 minutes available to chant the HU, morning or evening or both (especially if it's only 5 minutes)... Don't ask for anything, but let yourself be activated by spirit, which will give you inner guidance and make your actions perhaps even better than they have been so far. May the blessings be. (Try to have God as the central heating in your life)....

I'm sorry to hear about your ill health and hospitalisation. I hope you are getting back to your normal state (in my mind) of excellent health and great personality. I just thought you were extremely busy and forgot that you too are mortal. (Maybe I was too concerned with my own ageing and degeneration).

There's never anything to forgive. We try to do our best don't we? Expectations always spoil things...

Poetry Day is usually an interesting time for me. I read the poem, Your Chosen Duty, and remembered you when I was introducing it by saying it has become an anthem for a dear friend of mine. The Writers Union has lost its lustre, mainly because of cycles; it will come around again.

I gave away TNV to some guys. So far they have produced one issue; but it's different with a different focus. I have nothing to do with the journal. It's like a divorce. Let another generation do what they will; I just want it to live on.

You are the mistress of erotica. I'm no good at that, though I bought a Lazarus punch at a Health food store today. Unfortunately Lazarus is still dead and his sisters are weeping, so I might have to get a refund from the store unless I have to drink gallons of the stuff over a long period and I didn't realise it. But at $18 a pop I don't think so.

You are always a warm, smooth velvety feeling in my consciousness.

When love overflows your heart (compassion), remember the inexorable law of karma. But it's nice to want to help people.

It doesn't matter what's the inspiration/motivation, because the poem goes beyond that. As far as subject matter goes all life/every moment is/can be the subject of poetry. It's the skill, authenticity and integrity of the work that matters. What starts off as anger at someone becomes a perspective on the strategy, fragility, or difficulty of relationships, which may eventually be seen as a valuable exploration of the phenomenon. One doesn't have to write only about love (Eros), from the stressful side. There are 360 degrees, then there's life, time, death, spirit, God, social relations, history, myth - the source / inspiration is endless. Then there's the question of inspiration. It hardly ever comes, but may be right in front of us though in a form we do not accept. Often that is the time when using one of the many poetic forms helps.

You are blessed with gifts from the four muses: Iris, Persona, Lumen, and Lyra... so don't neglect their gifts.

In the big city, there are so many opportunities for improving your work via workshops, classes and courses, but especially books. Those big book chains, and even all those second hand bookstores, provide the source of so much self development. Much of my knowledge is self-taught with the help of books. And today there's the internet. Poetry is extremely well served on the net, especially in terms of courses, several of them free.

We are all searching for voice and meaning; my voice is clearly becoming a whisper. My swansong may be a book of collected poems, God willing, in 2000.

Stories will be told to generations about the foreigner who came and enchanted the life of one little boy. The boy will be so confused and excited that for weeks he will be hearing, seeing and smelling his experiences in his imagination. I guess it's a nice thing you did...

All this is your learning how to deal with people. How to be formal or informal, and whether the two can/ought to be mixed. You also have to sit down and say, "What have I learned from here? How will I approach my time elsewhere, based on what I learned here?" It's a continuing process. Hopefully you/we will get better at it.

My love does not require an established season for demonstration, nor does it require a statutory exchange of gifts. Everyone annually gets into debt to celebrate the anticlimactic ritual. I exist outside those boundaries.

Enzee seems to be a land of beautiful women and rugged men. The indigenous population and its practices also fascinate me. Somehow between the white and the coloured population I feel I wouldn't get a woman over there, since I am smallish and not very muscular (according to some). Still, the picture of their carefree beauties popping plums into their mouths with sensuous pleasure interests me.

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