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Added January, 1999

Stories by Sylvia Gonzalez to be told to young children, taken from her successful book, The Starting Point, 1976. See Stories for Children

Also additions made to Analects and Varia


Welcome to my homepage, T &T Letters,which I'm making my base on the internet , so to speak. From here you can click on to my other sites, pages, forums, and stores. Since I'm becoming more homebound, the computer and the internet are providing some of the communication and interaction that are still necessary to living.

Here you will be able to source information on Trinidad and Tobago and Caribbean literature, literary arts and culture in Trinidadian Letters and all the deep links therein. There is Analects and varia which will be a repository of some of my personal writing. Sapphire House the name of my wife's bed and breakfast, chronicles family and genealogical matters, her writings and links. Eckankar Society of Trinidad and Tobago, my church/religion, gives local events and contacts, and offers a link to ECKANKAR and an offer of a free book.

Then there are the Barnes and Noble Bookstore and the CDNow Music Shop. Included also is a Free Classified Ads page where you can advertise your items at no cost.

To be included soon will be pages on Michael Anthony, Caribbean Writers, Guest Writers, Writers Union of Trinidad and Tobago, CJ Sealey Memorial Foundation, and other groups I've associated with.

Spread the word.